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[He had been left in the outskirts of the village after they had finished with him. It had been a particularly difficult couple of weeks while they were there. They had tested his physical limits, pain endurance, capability of his powers, and seemingly just what it would take to make him cry out in pain. Exhausted was an understatement, he felt thoroughly drained and doubted their claims that it would somehow help. They had enjoyed the process it seemed to him.

Laying on the ground there he contemplated just taking a nap right here. It would be delightful to just rest now, but people would be worried, and the comparative safety and comfort of the house would be welcome. Thankfully it seemed at least he would be able to communicate, the journal was right beside him. Lifting a stiff arm he flips it on.

He starts to try and say something for a moment before coughing for a few seconds, and takes an audible breath in. He winced as he took it in, seemed like that would take a little bit of time to heal]

H-hello, I hope I haven't worried anyone too much..

[He clears his throat and puts a little more volume in it]

This is Iroh, I'm in the forest, I can't tell exactly whereabouts. Normally I would find my own way back, but I am feeling a bit under the weather. I would appreciate any assistance, and if it is not too much to ask, a good cup of tea.

[A fortnight without tea was quite barbaric as well]
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[Iroh gives a pleasant smile as the video opens up. In front of him there is a pai-sho board. It was time to finally time to formalize a date and setting for something he proposed awhile back]

Hello everyone, as some of you may remember, I had inquired about the interest of learning the wonderful game of pai-sho back a couple of months ago. It seemed there was at least a fair amount of interest in such a thing, so I am proceeding as if there were.

[He takes a sip of tea, placing it down delicately before continuing]

I would like to have the first learning day on the second of March. I haven't seen any holidays then, and it seems a good time for it. It will be held at the Welcome Center, and I hope that we shall have a great turn out. I humbly ask those who already are familiar with the game to come by and assist those who are learning.

[He inclines his head politely for such a request]

If anyone else would like to contribute a bit of time to help with set up, or perhaps some snacks, I would most appreciate it.

[He gives a kindly smile]

I look forward to seeing you all there, please feel free to ask any questions or concerns you may have.
[You can find Iroh working in the tea shop for a portion of the afternoon, brewing and serving tea to customers. In the morning, he can be found in the forest, working out strangely enough for a portion of it, before having a bit of a packed meal and some quiet meditation. Later on after his tea shift, he will be having a quiet stroll around the village]
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[It hadn't been that long since he had discovered that his nephew had disappeared, but it was an odd feeling. From what he had heard, people returned to their own worlds, and would continue with their lives. Zuko had a long and busy life ahead of him, challenges and difficulties, but from it great accomplishments. When he had first arrived it was a great comfort to have him here. It helped make adjusting to life here easier, it made it feel a bit more like home.

Being able to see him often was a true joy, as business in their own world often kept Zuko from visiting as often as he would like. It seemed as though that was over for the time being. It was sad having him part, but it was better for home in the large part, and more importantly for Zuko as well.

He took a little time to straighten himself out and look more presentable. Announcing it seemed as though it was necessary. Part of him still gripped on that perhaps Zuko would return without too much time passing, but it was a selfish wish. Smoothing out his beard, he takes a deep breath in and out before turning on the feed. His expression is rather neutral, though his eyes certainly reveal the loss clearly enough.]

For those who knew him outside of our world, Zuko has returned to it, as I understand it. As I am sure many would like to, he didn't have a chance to properly bid anyone fare well, so I shall do so on behalf of him. I know that even if he didn't express it, he would have appreciated and learned from those he met here, and even if he doesn't carry those memories with him, they were not for nothing. I wish all of you the best, and hope you will think fondly of my nephew and your time spent together. Thank you.

[He gives a formal bow before shutting off the feed]
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[See Iroh. See Iroh who is looking a little startled and gazing strangely at his pai sho board]

Is being pranked part of this Christ-muss I hear of? There was a bucket of water which I narrowly avoided, when I left to go to the tea shop this morning. When I returned back I found that my pai sho board was set up, but none of the pieces can move.

[This is kind of messing with him a bit, he didn't know what to think of it. His expression changes as he remembers something he wished to start]

Oh, and on the topic of Pai-Sho, I would like to see who can actually play the game, and who would like to potentially learn. I hope to set up a sort of tutorial, trial day to learn the game. It is a most fascinating game, very popular in my world, played by people from all walks of life. Once I have a good figuring of how many people would like to try it out, I will let everyone know the place and time.
[The morning had a dullness to it, a sort of dreariness that just seemed to make time go slowly. Even nature seemed to be having a hard time getting started today. The clearing in the forest was still and quiet, except for the stirrings of an old man who was slowly coming back into consciousness. He has a long beard, and a far receded hair line. Despite his age, he is well muscled individual. As his eyes slowly open he stretches a bit and winces. There is a moment or two as he gazes around his surroundings, taking everything in and sizing it up.]

This is certainly a strange place to wake up. I don't recall drinking any wine yesterday.

[He strokes his beard thoughtfully for a moment. He gives another wince and stretches his back a little. It is clear something strange has happened. It is then he turns his head for a second, and then startled turns it again]

Wings?! Since when do I have wings?!

[He shakes his head a second, and gives his cheek a pinch. It would seem he wasn't sleeping. When he had journeyed to the spirit world before he had maintained his shape, though that was the closest approximation he could make]

Mmmmm. I could use a cup of tea, and perhaps a bit of breakfast. Although I suppose that would be a bit much to ask.

[His gaze goes to the book which had a strange look to it, curiously he moved forward and taps it and... the feed cuts out]
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How am I doing with Iroh? Let me know if you like it, or things I could improve on!
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Name: Petar
Journal Username: tea_lover64
AIM/PLURK: BenignEvildoer
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A

Name: Iroh
Canon: Avatar the Last Airbender
Gender: Male
Age: 64
Wing Color: Red
Canon Point: Iroh will be coming from the end of the third season of Avatar. Episode 61 Sozin’s Comet Part Four- Avatar Aang
Canon Point Explanation: I felt this was a good place for him to come from, after everything has been resolved.


Iroh was the first born son of Firelord Azulon and Fire Lady Ilah. He was the crown prince of the Fire Nation, destined to become the leader of his nation. He was brought up believing that his nation was the greatest nation in the world, and that conquering the rest of the world was a way to spread that greatness. He had every luxury available to him, the best teachers, the best food, and yet he was slightly different from many others in his family. His prowess was put into question, and to stop any further questioning of his power he set out to slay a dragon, the ultimate symbol of firebending mastery. What he found instead was the long lost civilization of the sun warriors. He was tested by the two last dragons, and he proved worthy of the lesson. The dragons taught Iroh how to firebend without aggression or hatred. He staged a fake slaying of one of the two dragons, which impressed all those who saw it, and earned him the name Dragon of the West. Meanwhile, he had promised the sun warrior people to keep their secret safe, and to preserve the last dragons.

He was married when he turned 27, and he was happy with his wife in the brief time they had together. She bore him one son named Lu Ten when he was thirty, and died a year later after contracting an illness. Iroh loved his son very dearly, and was quite playful and loving with him. He came to believe that he should pave the way for his son's rule, and tried to make sure he was fully prepared for life and a future of ruling the Fire Nation. He had a dream of one day conquering the great city of Ba Sing Se, and with an entire nation's military at his disposal, Iroh began a 600 day siege of the city. Lu Ten was an adult at this time, and served as an officer leading the siege from the front. Iroh managed to break through the outer wall, a feat that was unmatched before him, but before he could make it into the inner city, his son Lu Ten was killed in action. His purpose for fighting was destroyed, and he withdrew his army from the battlefield.

He became involved with a secret society known as the White Lotus, and learned of their dedication to mastery over the arts of battle and to preserving balance, and became deeply involved in them. He channelled many of his resources into the organization. He helped in expanding it, and found people with similar ideals. Using his influence, he managed to place them in subtle positions all over the world. He continued his work even as he returned to the Fire Nation, and he was greatly comforted by his nephew Zuko. Through Zuko, Iroh believed that his nation could be redeemed and restored to a position of balance in the world. He began to tutor his nephew, and sought to make him realize his true potential. He gradually began to think of him as his own son. When Zuko was scarred by his own father and sent into exile, Iroh used his influence to get a ship and a crew to help him. Although he was a retired general, he still commanded a great deal of respect for his leadership, previous victories and his prowess. He helped his nephew through the difficult time as they began searching around the world for the Avatar – Zuko’s ticket to regaining his honour within the Fire Nation.

The rest of his history can be found


Iroh is best described as being a happily retired individual. He takes things slowly, and feels he has accomplished most of what he wants to do in life. He has no major undertakings he believes that should be left to him, and wishes to give the burden of responsibility to the younger generation. This is best represented in the guidance he offers his nephew, Zuko. Though by the laws of inheritance, he should be the Firelord, he didn't wish to take the throne for himself. Iroh believes that the world requires younger leadership to help fix problems with the current status quo. He is still perfectly willing to provide support and advice to any who need it, but isn't going to take the lead on things. He considers leadership to be something of a burden and a responsibility as opposed to something that people should seek, which makes him a good leader.

He is a man who has experienced a great deal in the world and is humbled by his experiences. He knows that people can be both good and evil, and that it is possible to make changes. When confronted with poverty, he accepts whatever help people are willing to give, even if they do not treat him with respect. He thanks the man who sliced at his feet as he was singing to make him dance and sing for a gold coin. Though most would find this humiliating, he finds no shame in it, and is glad to gain the coin for his efforts, as there was no obligation for the stranger to do it.

He is far different from the man he used to be. Though he was never needlessly cruel, he was nevertheless a very effective general in his younger years. The death of his son Lu Ten marked a profound change in him. His reason for conquering died with Lu Ten. It lead him to question who he was as a person, and what he stood for. Though he already had an appreciation for other cultures, he came to have a firm belief that there should be a balance. Keeping the world in balance makes him go against his home country once to avoid having the moon being destroyed, another time to stop a takeover of the last Earth Kingdom city, Ba Sing Se, and finally an outright attack to reclaim the city that had been lost.

He has a bit of a mischievous side at times. He is willing to stray from the straight and narrow for minor things. He has stolen a few minor items that would not be severely missed, such as some perfume, and things not essential for living. He also has been shown convincing crew members to bet against him again and continue playing a game he is a master of. He also used the fact that there was a paralyzing venom hitting several people to get himself close to an attractive woman. As long as there is no major harm to the individual, these things are all in good fun. He also has a good sense of humour about himself and isn’t easily insulted. He recognizes he is a thicker set older man, and laughs at jokes people make about his age and weight.


Physical: Iroh is in fantastic shape considering his age. He is far quicker and agile then anyone would expect of a man of his build. He can quickly disable multiple elite trained guards without much effort, and has proven a match for the strongest characters in the series. He himself is unsure whether or not he or his brother Ozai is the most powerful firebender, but he is in the top three for certain. As a firebender he has the ability to both produce and manipulates fire, and he does so with a tremendous amount of restraint and control, though is capable of powerful attacks as needed. As a master firebender he also has the ability to produce lightning, and also invented a technique to redirect lightning.

Mental: Iroh is able to quickly analyze and determine an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. He is generally a quick study of tactics being used, and is able to understand the best counter tactics. He has a good understanding of the importance of morale for troops, and was a very effective general when he was younger. Before Ba Sing Se was conquered from within during the end of the second season, he was the only general who had breached the walls of Ba Sing Se. He is capable of a great deal of subtlety and rose through the ranks in a secret society known as the White Lotus through his knowledge and experience.

Emotional: Teaching is a core part of Iroh's personality. He naturally feels inclined to listen and give advice to people, and is always happy to do so. He has lived a full life, and believes it’s important to pass on knowledge in order to improve the world. He believes that true wisdom comes from multiple different sources, and that being pragmatic about the world can make you a stronger person. Though the main recipient of his advice is his nephew, many others have also benefitted. When out in the wilderness, he talked with Toph and told her that people doing things for you is not because they believe you are weak, but because they care for you. After being attacked by a mugger (and subsequently disarming and putting him on his butt), he proceeds to advise him that his 'stance was wrong' and shows him how to make himself a greater threat. He then proceeds to discuss the man's life with him and suggests that he should follow his dream of becoming a masseuse. He is very forgiving of those who see the error of their ways, and believes that everyone should be given second chances, or more, so long as they learn and develop.

Iroh is a firm believer that life should be enjoyed to its fullest. Whether it be enjoying the food you are eating, having a nap, or sitting and drinking tea, these are things that are important to one’s well-being and should not be ignored. He acknowledges that leading a full life also involves being productive or working towards a goal, but if you do not take the time to enjoy what the world has to offer, what is the point?

He is well grounded individual who takes even the most extreme circumstances (such as being ambushed) with a grain of salt and is able to joke, even while preparing to fight to avoid being captured. There are few things which rattle his calm exterior, and he will often serve as an anchor to others.


Physical: Although very fit especially considering his age, he is still a man gaining in years, he frequently needs a nap, and takes things at a slower pace. He has all the vulnerabilities of a standard human, and despite his mastery of fire, can still get burnt by fire if unprepared.

Mental: Iroh’s enjoyment of life is perhaps where his judgement becomes the most suspect. He has been captured by enemy soldiers while taking a nap outside in a hot spring, as well as revealing himself to be a Firebender while in the Earth Kingdom because his tea was cold (he used firebending to heat the tea). Noticeably he also has never refused a offered meal or cup of tea, even from people he did not know. His enjoyment of tea has led to a self-poisoning incident at one point. When confronted with the possibility of either delectable tea or deadly poison, Iroh decided it was worth the risk to attempt to create a delicious tea after going without for a time.

Emotional: Iroh is a man who has suffered great loss in his time. He lost his son which struck a severe blow to him, and caused him to abandon a 600 day siege of Ba Sing Se. He is very attached to those who are close to him, especially his nephew Zuko. He is more prone to support and mentor than to take charge, although quite capable, he lacks the ambition to take a larger leadership role unless required (in the comics he takes over temporary control of the Fire Nation while his nephew searches for his mother).

Anything else?: Iroh is not particularly well versed in technology of his day, and anything advanced would seem quite remarkable to him.


First Person: Training wings post

Third Person: (300 words minimum. Remember to write using proper grammar, verb tenses, and paragraphs.)
It would seem there was no rest for the weary. It had not taken long for Iroh to realize the importance of maintaining his training regime in this place. After the war had ended he had maintained a more modest regime to keep himself fit and strong, but it hadn’t been to his maximum potential. As he had learned about the dangers, and the missions which took place, it seemed the best course of action. Iroh had witnessed enough violence in his lifetime, but if he was to be called in again, he would be prepared. It was not only for him, but for those he cared about.

He stood and took a deep breath in. Power is in the breath, always remember the breath. He then leaped up to the sturdy branch and grasped it with one arm and proceeded to calmly lift himself up and down. He maintained his body position lifting and rising in a solid motion. As he continued on for several minutes, he noticed the inevitable tiring of his arm. He remembered as a younger man being able to continue on in exercises like these for the entire day. He paused just for a moment to take a deep breath in. The faces of those he cared about flashed inside his head. His eyes opened up newly focused and he continued on.

After he had done the required amount of time with one arm, he had a short break to stretch it out, before switching to the other. He brushed aside other thoughts as he had been taught. If you did not stay in the present moment, you wouldn’t know when your body had quite enough. When he felt the strain reaching his limit, he allowed himself to drop down, landing firmly. After shaking his arms out and stretching he wiped the sweat from his brow. He had done well today on the physical side, and now it was time to further himself in his studies of the spirits of this place. It seemed they could be quite helpful, and he had always had a healthy respect for spirits, ever since his journey into the spirit world. Today he would commune with Nala. Healing was valuable, and he knew that Jeong Jeong would berate him if ever he discovered a fire bender had the ability to heal and had chosen not to.

Interrupting his thoughts, a rather large growl came from his stomach. He gave it a pat, and laughed a little.
“Hahaha! Yes, I am sorry my friend! First I will take care of you, then I will continue my training with Nala.” He spoke aloud and proceeded to go to the food he had brought. Of course, if he was eating, it would be proper to also have a nice cup of tea in addition. Training was important, but certain allowances had to be made. The immediate needs of the body needed to be observed.